Tank storage

Rotan is THE contact for tank storage.

We take care of the concept and planning as well as the turnkey construction, and are guided by our customers' logistical requirements.

With this all-round service, it does not matter whether the project is a new-build or reconstruction, an extension or conversion, or integration with existing equipment.

Our services include complete solutions, from the approval planning to the commissioning and maintenance of turnkey tank store, officially verified measuring stations, loading or vapour recovery units (VRU). In particular, we are experienced in the handling of explosive and/or water-polluting substances. As an innovative company, we address individual requirements. Our customers are at the centre of what we do, our flexibility in the foreground.

You're in the best hands with ROTAN: from planning and construction all the way through to servicing, you will have the competent support of our responsible experts.

We underscore this philosophy with every approval and certificate required on the market.

Our services

  • Consultations
  • Approval planning
  • Basic and detail engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction services
  • Project and site management
  • Assembly
  • Automation
  • Visualisation process control engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance and repairs

Special Features & Service

  • Tank regeneration
  • Vacuum-monitored double floors
  • Officially verified measuring and loading systems for tank trucks, tank wagons, ships, aircraft
  • Vapour recovery unit

Can we help you, too?

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Contact Dannstadt, Germany

Mr. Thomas Holzwarth
Phone: +49 6231 / 9412-0
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Contact Leuna, Germany

Mr. Holm Herfurth
Phone: +49 3461 / 8263-0
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Contact Rostock, Germany

Mr. Volker Zimmer
Phone: +49 381 / 63712-6
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