Pipe construction

When it comes to pipe construction, we appeal above all for our broad, solution-orientated performance spectrum. It includes the planning and procurement, pre-production and installation of pipe systems with all the necessary primary and secondary supports. These systems are ideal in particular for the chemical and petrochemical industries, but also for use in other industries where the pipe systems are of primary importance.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the fields of dimensioning, design and selecting the materials for pipes makes us the no. 1 contact. We will also provide you with competent support in the implementation of your existing detailed planning and quality requirements.

Our installation activities for all kinds of pipe systems include above- and underground pipes in new and existing systems. We also specialise in inspections and production stoppages, and time-critical reconnections of production equipment.

In the field of welding technology, we operate qualified and certified welding processes such as WIG, WIG-Orbital and E-Hand for the most diverse pressure ratings and nominal widths.

The high standards that both we and our customers have with regard to safety and quality are reflected in the corresponding certifications.

High spectrum of materials, including

  • Consultations
  • unalloyed steels
  • creep-resistant steels
  • fine-graded steels
  • stainless steels
  • duplex steels
  • high-temperature-resistant steels
  • nickel and nickel-based alloys



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